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Simba Energy has signed a Production Sharing Contract (PSC) with the Republic of Chad for 100% interests in three prospective oil & gas blocks within the Doba, Doseo and Erdis basins. The PSC for all three blocks has a first exploration phase of five years and a second exploration phase of three years. The first exploration phase requires geological and geophysical studies to include processing and reinterpretation of existing 2D seismic, acquisition of at least 750 kilometres of new 2D seismic, as well as 400 km² of 3D seismic (or 2D equivalent) to determine the range of possible drilling opportunities for the second phase that requires two exploration wells.

Chad: Chari Sud Blocks I & II, Erdis Block III

  • Erdis Block III is 15,700

  • Significant current production already exists and substantial potential remains underexplored

  • Chari Sud Block I is 6,400

  • Southern 50% of Chari Sud Block II is 3,711
  • Both of the Chari Sud Blocks lie just south of producing oil fields

  • Gravity and magnetic surveys across both Chari Sud Blocks I & II, along with existing 2D seismic, indicate the same basin morphology as the producing fields


Chad: Chari Sud Blocks I & II Prospectivity

Chad: Main Basin Features

Chad: Main Basin Features

Source Rocks & Seal (seal and effective source rock)

  • Infracambrian
  • Early Silurian Shades

Reservoir Rocks

  • Think Cambro-Ordovician & Devonian sands can act as good reservoir rocks

Cap Rock

  • Marine shales: Silurian (for Cambro-Ordivision Res.Rock)
  • Marine shales: Late silurian (for Unconventional Traps?)
  • Fluvial Shales: Tadarat Formation (for Devonian Res.Rock)


  • Seismically tilted fault block
  • Stratigraphic


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